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    The Statue of Liberty was first thought of in 1865 by Professor Edouard de Laboulaye in France as a monument of Americas newly founded freedom. It was mentioned at a dinner party where the Sculptor of the statue Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was to design. This monument is over 100 years old, stands at

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    Willard Wigan is one of the only people in the world who can create what can only be described as "mini art". PowerPoint Presentation: He works in total solitude at a quiet retreat in Jersey mainly at night when there is a greater sense of peace in the world and less static electricity to interfere with the immeasurable precision and tolerances

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    Willard Wigan, a sculptor from Birmingham, England, makes amazingly detailed microscopic sculptures, some of which measure just 0.0002 in (0.005 mm) tallmore than three times smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. They can fit on a single grain of sand or on the head of a pin!

  • 16 fascinating pictures of the work of Birmingham artist

    Birmingham artist Willard Wigan, whose sculptures fit in the eye of a needle, wants to open a mini Madame Tussauds in Birmingham. The 57-year-old micro sculptor plans to come up with a series of

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    June 20, 2007 -- Willard Wigan's artwork is so tiny, a microscope actually is needed to view it. The Birmingham, England, native is known as the creator of the world's smallest sculptures

  • New Willard Wigan Microscopic Artworks to Go on Show

    Visitors to the Medicine Gallery on New Street in Birmingham will be amongst the first people in the city to see new micro-sculptures by internationally renowned artist Dr Willard Wigan MBE at an exhibition running from Friday 18 th May to Sunday 3 rd June. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set in the eye of an 18 carat gold needle will be on show for the public to see in.

  • Major Miniaturist Makes Art That Comes With Its Own

    LAS VEGAS -- Willard Wigan peered at one of his sculptures, a brightly painted tableau showing Alice in Wonderland at a tea party with the March Hare and the Mad Hatter. "There was a tragedy when

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    Willard Wigan M.B.E. micro sculptor attending his exhibition in My Little Eye Gallery. Many pieces created by Willard are so small that they are only visible through a microscope or under magnification. Each piece usually sits within the eye of a needle, or on a pin head. Bloomsbury, London, UK, 12th December 2009 "I realised at a very early age that the small things often have the biggest

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    Feb 17, 2017 - Explore bobbiewallis's board "Willard Wigan", followed by 167 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Willard wigan, Willard, Wigan.

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    Willard Wigan, MBE (born 1957) is a sculptor from Birmingham, England, who makes microscopic art. His sculptures are typically placed in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin. His sculptures are typically placed in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin.

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    Willard Wigan Born in 1957 in Birmingham, Willard Wigan began his artistic life at a tender age. Suffering from dyslexia and learning difficulties, he struggled at school, finding solace in creating art of such minute proportions that it virtually could not be seen with the naked eye.

  • Willard wigan created a lifesize replica of the statue of

    Willard Wigan has created a microscopic replica of the statue of Liberty. Was Auguste Bartholdi, the designer of the original statue that he made several replicas on display in Paris, although none of them is as high as the original.

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    Renowned microsculptor Willard Wigan MBE has created the world's smallest ever work of art by carving a motorcycle on a hollowed-out hair stubble, by hand, in between his heartbeats.

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    Author: Willard Wigan. Quotes. When I was a kid, I had trouble at school because of my learning disabilities. Carving is my body compensating for the lack of other skills. When I was a kid, I had trouble at school because of my learning disabilities. Carving is my body compensating for the lack of other skills.

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    DR Willard Wigan MBE creator of the worlds smallest hand made scupltures. Guiness World Record Holder for the worlds smallest hand sculptor.

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    Willard Wigan. Sponsored By. Micro Sculptor Makes A Big Splash In MiamiLiving with undiagnosed dyslexia at a young age, Willard Wigan struggled with nearly everything. That is, until he discovered

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    WILLARD WIGAN LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers, charges, business activity

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    Find Willard Wigan on Amazon The microscopic world became my obsession. Willard Wigan. World Obsession Became Microscopic. I became obsessed with making more and more tiny things. I think I was trying to find a way of compensating for my embarrassment at having learning difficulties: people had made me feel small so I wanted to show them how

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    Willard Wigan, MBE (born June 1957) is a British sculptor from Ashmore Park Estate, Wednesfield, England, the son of Jamaican immigrants, who makes microscopic art.His sculptures are typically placed in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin. A single sculpture can be as small as 0.005 mm (0.0002 in).

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    Willard Wigan is a British Postwar & Contemporary artist. Their work was featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver and the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham Museums.

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    Willardwiganofficial. 1,350 likes ยท 143 talking about this. DR Willard Wigan, MBE, British Sculptor Of Microscopic Art.

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    Willard Wigan is a god of small things. Literally. He's a sculptor whose work is almost indecipherable to the naked eye. His micro sculptures can fit on the head of a pin, in the eye of a needle or along the shaft of an eyelash.

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    Willard Wigan. Live updates. ITV Report Meet the world's smallest Santa in the eye of a needle. The Father Christmas sculpture is so tiny it cannot be seen with the naked eye and can only be

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    Invigilator for the exhibition 'Through the Eye of a Needle' by Willard Wigan. Finance, Bid and Research Assistant Nacro. Mar 2017 - Jul 2017 5 months. Birmingham, United Kingdom. In-House Artist DeMontfort Fine Art. Sep 2013 - Jan 2017 3 years 5 months. Bookseller Waterstones. Nov 2012 - Dec 2012 2 months.

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    Willard Wigan. Oil on Linen. Nile Rodgers. Oil on linen. The Portraits. Lemn Sissay. Oil on Linen. Self Portrait. Oil on Linen. Adrian Dunbar. Oil on Linen. Elaine Paige OBE. Oil on Linen. Willard Wigan. Oil on Linen. Nile Rodgers. Oil on linen. The Portraits. Lemn Sissay. Oil on Linen. prev / next.

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    Willard Wigan. 4.1K likes. Willard Wigan is a micro-sculptor from Birmingham creating world's smallest sculptures

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    The sculptures are the work of Willard Wigan, who creates the smallest sculptures in the world. You've probably seen photos of them, tiny little works of art which fit in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin. Willard has to slow down his heart rate and make the tiny incisions and paintstrokes in between the beats of his heart.

  • The man who makes millions from miniature art | London

    Willard Wigan has donated one of his early microscopic pieces to our Christmas auction. Lot 21, comprising a wood carving of the Scales of Justice set on a pinhead, is just half a millimetre high

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    Willard Wigan's micro art has been described as 'the eighth wonder of the world' as his micro sculptures are so tiny, they are only visible through a microscope.Each piece sits within the eye of a needle, or on a pin head. Some of his sculptures are smaller than a full stop (imagine it this .

  • Willard Wigan's Microscopic Art Comes to Parish Gallery

    Willard Wigan's Microscopic Art Comes to Parish Gallery (PHOTOS) By Eliza LaJoie WASHINGTON -- While many classic pieces of art, from Pollack's Autumn Rhythm to Picasso's Guernica, are impressive for their vast proportions, the works of groundbreaking British artist Willard Wigan inspire awe because they are so tiny.

  • Willard Wigan micro-sculptures on show in Birmingham - BBC

    The work of micro-artist Willard Wigan has gone on display at the Library of Birmingham. His sculptures - which can fit inside the eye of a needle - are so small they can only be viewed through a

  • Synopsis | HBO

    Among the notable dyslexic adults who recount their struggles and triumphs in the film are: consumer advocate Erin Brockovich; Ben Foss, inventor of the Intel Reader; Steve Walker, New England Pellet founder and CEO; micro sculptor Willard Wigan; and Dr. Carol Greider, 2009 Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine.

  • Midweek: Dame Joan Bakewell, Willard Wigan, Patricia

    Willard Wigan Homecoming is at Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton. Dame Joan Bakewell CBE is a broadcaster and writer. In her memoir, Stop the Clocks, she muses on the life she has lived through, how the world has changed and considers the values she will leave behind.

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    "The Adventures of Willard Wigan" or "Willard Wigan's Tiny World" sounds like the titles for a series of engaging children's bedtime stories.. Instead, it describes the microscopic models sculpted on the top of pinheads, in the eye of needles and on the tops of match heads --by renown artist Willard Wigan.

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    The highlight in 2016 for many black families that attended was the opportunity to meet Willard Wigan OBE in person and to hear his presentation and to visit his Micro-sculpture Gallery.